Towards The Nameless

This is the scene of the uncertain tomorrow, I would be scared, I must be scared. Time has taken all the desire, spiralling through an intangible continuum. How can I lay my head here? I close my eyes, waiting for something that I don't even know. I am thirsty for another challenge, another unbalance, but there is no new moon. How sad it is.

It's an unjust, and I take a role but it's losing my sincerity. How do I know what side am I? I lose my senses for so long, I forget the taste of believe and haunted by worries. And like a candle burns on both ends, it left me emptier than I used to be. Someday all the words, love and everything else will get buried in the unknown. I am hungry for another change another chance, but there's nothing new under the moon. How sad it is.

I lost my control over my sleep, I lost control of my own image in the mirror. But if I may, I wish my losing control will be remembered, maybe as a spine for the next me. Can I understand my pain, by accepting myself as an enemy? I rape my compassion to black and blue, can't let the guilt out of my skin. I don't wanna be hemorrhaged in lie, I don't wanna be killed by lies. But as long as I can see, there is no me under the moon. How sad it is.