As The Genesis Fall

Cause I've been, tricked into a corrupted ties, consumed by beautiful lies, wrapped by frightening sights. Do I need to live? While, my past sublimate into white breath, and I exchange thoughts with the clouds patiently. Do I need to? For knowing not the reason, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon.

I gather all of my pieces, as I'm asking why does guilt exist? Now I know what's mean to lay on my back, to carry 21 grams of burden and to rest with lungs in my chest.

And if I stay away, I will cause disease. If I leave it all, I will cause unease. If I get sober, I will cause enigmatic feels. Specks of ashes appear as flesh and an abundance rain ensnared, by the grey cloud. Here the apostles, stares into the arrhytmia of reality, and cover scars with scars.

If I could collapse the masses, I hope I'll live in another genesis. I know tomorrow will be like a fraction divided by zero. I'm already lost the world to a reverie that intersects with the stratosphere of which I'll never wake.